Psychodynamic Counselling Can Help If:

  • You are felling low or anxious
  • You lack feelings of self-worth
  • You have suffered any form of abuse
  • You have suffered loss, bereavement or any other trauma
  • You frequently feel lonely and isolated
  • You suffer with physical symptoms with no clear organic cause
  • You suffer from an eating disorder
  • You wish to improve your relationships
  • You seek greater self-knowledge and wish to develop your potential

How Does Psychodynamic Counselling Help?

  • By offering a reliable and confidential relationship free from the pressures of ordinary life
  • By offering support during times of crisis or change
  • By deepening awareness of yourself and your relationships
  • By offering a safe place where you can speak about feelings that worry or frighten you
  • By making sense of recurrent problems by exploring their links to the past
  • By challenging tendencies to repeat unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour
  • By clarifying choices and helping to resolve old hurts and conflicts